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How do I claim under my Oyen Preventive Care plan?

After visiting the vet and getting the preventative care treatments done, you may submit the claim to Oyen to receive your reimbursement. The link for submission (Google Form) can be found in your welcome email.

Here are the steps to take to do so: 

1. You must submit your claims within 30 days of your treatment date. The treatment date here refers to the vet bill or invoice date. We do not accept handwritten receipts. You may submit a claim for 1 pet at a time.

2. Do check to make sure the vet bill or invoice has the following information:

- Itemised bill showing clear breakdown of medical cost

- Details of vet clinic (name, address and contact details)

- Pet’s name

- Pet owner’s name

- Date and time of treatment

- Total Amount Paid

- Proof of Payment

3. Oyen will review the claim and once approved (or denied), we will notify you via email on your claim status within 3 working days. Do note that Oyen reserves the right to approve or deny claims if any of the above conditions are not fulfilled. If you want to understand what you are not able to claim under this plan, click here 

4. Once your claim has been approved, Oyen will reimburse you directly within 5 working days from the approval date. The funds will be transferred to the bank account that you provided.

5. The amount that will be reimbursed to you is capped at the maximum amount of each benefit shown on your preferred plan.

For full terms and conditions, click here