How do I receive Oyen's free microchip (for pet dogs)?

A microchip is a form of identification that provides every pet with a unique ID number. 

A microchip is a safe, reliable, and non-surgical permanent identification for your pet. If you ever lose your pet, it increases your chances of finding them back! It takes only a few minutes to get your pet chipped. 

It is a harmless procedure, the procedure takes a few minutes and it will only be a pinch to your pet. Check out this Instagram video :) 

If you have purchased a Dog Plus or Champion annual plan, and have not microchipped your dog, we will mail you a free microchip. Thereafter, you will need to bring the chip to a registered vet and have the chip inserted by vet.

Outside of these plans, if you have signed up with us, you can get a 50% discount on our microchip from our Shopee store. Reach out to us on WhatsApp to obtain your discount code!

The microchipping procedure for your pet dog costs around RM25 - RM50, depending on the vet clinic or service provider. You may call your existing vet clinic to enquire about their price. Pet cats do not need microchips to get insured.

Nearly all vet clinics in Malaysia are able to perform this procedure.

*Terms and conditions apply: Qualified pet owners will receive the microchip by courier from us within 2 - 3 working days. After which, you agree to bring the microchip to your vet to get the insertion procedure done within 7 -14 days. The insertion cost is borne by the pet owner and is not claimable under your pet insurance plan.