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  2. Preventive Care

What can I not claim under Oyen Preventive Care?

Oyen Preventive Care aims to cover preventative treatment for your furkids and so there are certain exclusions to this plans.

Here is the list of what is not covered under Oyen Preventive Care:

  1. Any treatment for accident or illness covered by Oyen’s Pet Insurance policy or any other pet insurance policy
  2. Any treatment that is covered by insurance policy (Oyen and MSIG)
  3. Any vaccines that are not 4-in-1 (for cat) or 6-in-1 (for dogs) core vaccines
  4. Any blood tests that are not complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry profile (CHEM) tests
  5. Pre-surgical CBC and CHEM tests, except if the surgery is related to preventive care treatment (e.g. spaying and neutering surgeries)
  6. Any deworming and deflea products purchased to be administrated at home, or by anyone other than the attending vet
  7. Services provided by referred specialists, and second opinions
  8. Taxes and discounts (e.g. amounts reimbursable will ignore 6% SST)
  9. Any treatment before the purchase of wellness plan, and after the plan expires
  10. Any expenses that are above the maximum cap set by Oyen

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