1. Oyen FAQ
  2. Preventive Care

What is Oyen Preventive Care and how does it work?

Oyen Preventive Care offers pet owners a way to claim for preventive treatment expenses (that aren’t covered in Oyen Insurance). Examples are, vaccination cost, routine health checkup, blood test, deworm and de-flea.

It is not an insurance plan, rather a comprehensive preventative care package that allows you to get your furkid protected against preventable illnesses and health conditions, ensuring that your furkid is always happy and healthy.

So, how does it work?

  • You may choose a preferred plan for your furkid and pay a yearly subscription fee.
  • You can go to any vet clinic or hospital to get your preventative care treatments.
  • Then, you may submit the vet bill and supporting documents to claim your reimbursement from Oyen. It’s that simple!

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