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How is the Oyen Pet Wellness different from Oyen Pet Insurance?

The Oyen Preventive Care Plan has been updated to the Oyen Pet Wellness plan as of 3 October 2023.

If you purchased the Oyen Preventive Care Plan prior to 3 October 2023, the details & benefits of your plan will be slightly different than the following.

Please refer to the FAQ for Oyen Preventive Care here.

Oyen Pet Wellness is different from Oyen Pet Insurance and here is what to take note off:

Oyen Pet Insurance: 

  • It's an insurance product and is designed to provide coverage when your pet falls sick or gets injured. 
  • You can claim from all registered vet clinics in Malaysia and covers for consultation, surgery, medication, and other treatments for sick and injured pets.
  • It does not cover routine & preventive treatments like vaccines, deworming, de-flea treatments, and general check-ups, etcs.

Oyen Pet Wellness

  • It's a membership plan and is meant for when your pet is healthy and you want to undertake preventive measures. 
  • You can claim from all registered vet clinics in Malaysia and it covers for preventive treatments such as vaccines, deworming, flea & tick prevention and general check-ups, etc.
  • It does not cover vet consultations for sick or injured pet, surgery, medication, and other related treatments.

Depending on what you are looking for in terms of protection and coverage for your furkids, you can choose either or both!

If you want to learn more about Oyen Pet Wellness, drop us a WhatsApp at +60162996840 so that we can help you get started! 🌟