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Why do I have to get microchip for my pet dog to qualify for insurance?

Microchip is a form of identification that provides every pet with a unique ID number. It's a required information during claims submission (ID needs to be displayed in your vet bill) to verify that the same dog insured is the same one claiming for insurance.

A microchip is a safe, reliable and permanent identification for your pet. If you ever lose your pet, this increases the chances of you finding him/her back!

All dogs have to be microchipped within 7 days from purchasing your pet insurance.

Please visit your vet to obtain your microchip (or get the Dog Plus/ Champion plan to qualify for a free microchip from us*), and upload your microchip ID on your Oyen Pet Profile. If we do not receive a valid Microchip ID before the deadline, the policy may be cancelled automatically. 

Microchip is not a requirement for pet cats. Instead, cat owners will have to submit their cat's vaccine card for proof of ownership. See FAQ on vet medical ID or vaccine cards here.

*Terms and conditions apply: Qualified pet owner will receive the microchip by courier from us within 2 - 3 working days. After which, you agree to bring the microchip to your vet to get the insertion procedure done within 7 days. The insertion cost is borne by the pet owner and is not claimable under your pet insurance plan.